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8709 Club Baths

8709 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048
1978 1985

Barfly West '73: B. P.; Bob Damron '82: (P) (Referral necessary) (YC) (Some W, SM) *; Bob Damron '84: (P) (YC-only) *

"Became the most legendary of Los Angeles' bathhouses. Though located on an inconspicuous street corner, on the inside of the 8709 there was an elaborate maze, much black paint, and rooms large and small. According to legend, closeted actors entered through a secret door that led to an unlit, anonymous orgy room. The 8709 also attracted an endless stream of blonde surfer types who migrated, erotically charged, from the disco down the street. One customer of the 8709 reminisces about being 'fortunate enough to go there,' and recalls how he was always amazed by the beautiful men.' Another remembers 'walking through the large orgy room that was packed so tight with bodies you couldn't move.' Because the ground floor backed onto a deli, 8709 customers could order food through a small window, precluding any need to leave." (Gay L.A.)

Extremely discriminatory, many stories of rejection due to age and weight.

Sheldon Andelson, millionaire attorney and businessman, owned the 8709. It was a financially lucrative business; nevertheless, he closed the bathhouse in May 1985 to avoid the connection being outed by the press (a KCBS expose was in the works) during the height of public scrutiny of bathhouses.