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Apache Territory

11608 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604
1979 2000

“The Apache, also known for a while as Apache Territory, was smaller and more intimate than Oil Can Harry’s. It provided a more likely place to actually meet and talk with someone,” Adkins says.

“At Oil Can Harry’s, you had to go outside to the front steps to talk to someone, or smoke if that was your vice. But at Apache, there was a small patio leading to the entrance,” he says. “It was fenced so it wasn’t exposed to the street. At Oil Can Harry’s, you could count on being verbally harassed from a passing car, or worse yet, have something thrown at you. In its last days, Apache installed T.V. monitors playing adult movies and had go-go boys dancing. The two brothers who owned Apache expanded and opened a second bar in Hollywood, but in time both bars closed. Later, the Ventura Boulevard location became another gay bar, Everybody’s.” (Adkins, Richard 2021)

Bob Damron '81: (Most macho disco in the valley) (D) * (Disco) (Liquor)