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Chez Boheme

8950 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
1940 1943

The star attraction at Chez Boheme was Rae Bourbon, a female impersonator and one of the last big stars of the Prohibition era “Pansy Craze.” In June of 1942, the Navy took the unusual action of placing this, and 30 bars and nightclubs across the city off limits to sailors.

"Karyl Norman, who performed under the guise of various Hollywood actresses at La Boheme, also on Sunset Boulevard. The Hollywood Reporter spotted William Haines and Joan Crawford in the audience to see Norman’s takeoff on Crawford as Sade Thompson in late 1932. Variety called Norman “a true artiste”, and singled out his backup performer, La Verde, who did “a mean rumba and is plenty of ‘hot cha’ when it comes to appearance.”