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Club Bali

8804 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
1937 1940

Also known as Café Bali.

Its walls were decorated by a Disney artist, and the waiters wore red sarongs. The Bali was covertly known as a “gay spot” but advertised itself as the “it bar” for everybody – one write-up described it as perfect for the “partially potted.”

At the Bali nightclub the gay composer and singer Bruz Fletcher, whom the newspapers described as a favorite of nightclub-hopping film stars, entertained the cognoscenti with gay double entendres in songs such as “Bring Me A Lei from Hawaii”, “Keep an eye on His Business”, and “The Simple Things.”

In 1935 it was the Three Star Club, and raided for selling liquor after hours. By the spring 1937 through spring 1939, it was “Bali,” a tropical-themed café-nightspot popular with the Hollywood film crowd, who crammed in to hear its featured singer, Bruz Fletcher (B. Stoughton Fletcher). In 1941-1942 it was Club Society and raided a couple of times for liquor violations.