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Crown Jewel

754 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90014
1941 1979
1946 Back

There was the subterranean Crown Jewel at 8th and Olive, which, unlike most other gay bars in the neighborhood, had a fancy dress code and was considered “discreet and elegant." A driver’s license was needed to enter, “There was a code of conduct in such bars that normally prohibited any same-sex touching, making it difficult at times to tell a gay bar from a straight one.”

The Crown Jewel Cocktail Room was also known as the the Crown Jewel Grill, the Crown Grill and the Crown Grill Cocktail Lounge.

Owned by lawyer Harry Weiss, the proprietor of two other gay bars, who supposedly once sprung Tab Hunter from a gay arrest. Weiss, dubbed “the faggot lawyer” by judges, purportedly gave the police tips regarding the identities of his gay patrons. The vice squad then passed Weiss’s business card to any men they arrested, and Weiss paid the police half of any legal fees he earned from the resulting cases.

Part of "The Run" in Downtown Los Angeles.

Barfly West '73: L. M. *