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710 N Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90029
2017 2020

A queer-focused coffee shop & community event space opened July 2017, offering a cozy, safe space for LA's LGBTQ+ family. In August 2020, during the COVID crisis, Cuties closed its brick-and-mortar shop - but has continued its organization online.

A note from Virginia, owner of Cuties (via Facebook):

"When it became clear that maintaining operations and social gatherings inside were no longer a safe option as they would put our staff and customers at risk, we decided to close to wait out the storm.

Since then, we’ve been able to keep paying Sasha Jones, our manager who has been leading this team and building community both online and off. Sasha’s role is supported directly from the funds that the community is providing through Patreon.

Right now, our organization does not bring in enough revenue to pay for our space. So we’ve been accumulating debt to our landlord, hoping that we could reopen later and pay it down over time.

It’s clear to me now that continuing to accumulate debt in an environment that shows little promise of operational safety in the near future is unwise. As of August 1st, we turned over the keys. Moving forward, all of our efforts will be online.

While I considered appealing to the community to ask for increased financial support, I can’t in good conscience ask you to fund a space that is not being used to generate value for us. If I were to ask you to do that, I’d have to recognize that money from the queer community would be moving directly into the pockets of our landlord. This is incongruent with our values."