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Four Star Saloon

8857 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
1958 1984
Four Star Saloon on right, 1982 Back

Barfly West '73: F. L. M. R. *; Bob Damron '81-82: (R) (PT) (Large island bar) *; Bob Damron '84: (R) (C W) (PT)

In the book Under the Rainbow (edited by Chris Freeman), the actor John Carlyle mentions that singer Johnnie Ray and actor Clifton Webb, both lavender lads, often “had to be helped off their bar stools at closing time.” He adds that composer Leonard Bernstein, while a married man in New York, he was quite queer out here in West Hollywood. He’d come to the Four Star Saloon “in evening clothes after a concert and ogled hustlers.”

Featured location in The Morning After (1968) with Jane Fonda

Four Star Saloon on right, 1982