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Gold Coast

8228 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046
1981 2020
1982 Back

Bob Damron '82: (Cruise bar) (PT) (Looks promising); Bob Damron '84: (Cruisy) (PT) *

"Gold Coast is known for its annual Red Dress Party. It started with a vow between two Gold Coast bartenders, Mark Ferguson and Yves-Claude, who both were HIV positive and, given the lack of effective treatment at the time, were in and out of the hospital. Their grim and yet humorous pact was that when one of them died, the other would show up at the memorial service in a red dress.

When Mark Ferguson died from HIV-related complications in 1997, Yves-Claude happened to be out of town. But, not one to renege on his promises, Yves-Claude decided to take it to a higher level. He decided to celebrate his friend and co-worker’s life with a party at Gold Coast at which everyone was invited to wear a red dress. The Red Dress Party has been held at Gold Coast every July for since then, with some of its proceeds going to a gay-related charity." - WehoVille