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Ken's River Club

3153 Riverside Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027
1965 1986

Barfly West '73: D. L. M.; Bob Damron '80-82: (D) (some Orientals); Bob Damron '84: (Disco) (D) * (Some Latins)

Ken’s River Club, on Riverside in Silver Lake, was the gay spot shared by Latinos and Asians during the 1970s. Pervasive racism in West Hollywood boosted bars in Hollywood and Silver Lake that catered to gay people of color, including the Study at Western and Sunset, and Mugi’s on Hollywood Boulevard.

"Closeted Chicano males, even those who 'passed,' in barrio gangs felt constrained to seek refuge in the 1970's in gay bars that were at least a few miles away from home, such as Ken's River Club."