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MB Club

4550 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90029
Private Club
1977 2004

Bob Damron: (P) (No booze - "wild back room") (F S)

"MB Club closed its doors on Sunday, January 11th,  2004. This was mostly a local haunt for those of us on the Eastside, downtown, Hollywood, & points east of the LA River.

Most of the members were friendly, laid back "Silver Lake" types wearing 501 Levi's, white T or A-shirts with occasional leather jackets & boots. Don't let the clothes fool you since many of the members were professionals during the day.

There was a common room set up as a bar, but with no alcohol license there were only sodas & water.  The person manning the entry also was the bar-t.  One of them, Mike of Highland Park, was always the consummate host who was warm & caring to his customers. Heating up jiffy pop & offering it to his customers, he always made it a point to be the interested listener which endeared him to the members. Such great people skills.

The Paterfamilias, Don founder & owner, passed away apparently a few years after the closing.  This is before my time, but the MB Club was originally in Silverlake somewhere near the now defunct Stud on Sunset & Manzanita.

Great place to meet people from all types of backgrounds, ethnicities, socioeconomics reflecting the diversity that is LA. I really miss this small brick facade low slung one story building which allowed all of us to mix in fraternal harmony.

PS  Greg J., if you ever read this, thanks for going out of your way to help me out on occasion." - Gary I., Yelp