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The Numbers

8029 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046
1976 1995

Bob Damron '81-82: (R) *; Bob Damron '84: (R) (OC) (Hustlers) *

Owned by Donald E. Cook, who also owned Ah Men clothing store at 8900 Santa Monica Blvd.

“You know what I miss? What was the name of that ludicrous gay bar? It used to be on the corner of Sunset and…You walked down the staircase and it was all old game show hosts with wigs—and violent hustlers. It’s long gone but you could find out the name. It was hilarious. I miss that place. The parking lot was in the back and to get in you had to walk down a mirrored circular staircase so everybody saw you. It was very John Rechy, very City of Night. It was a kind of really a lovely atmosphere that I miss.” - John Waters