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Paradise Ballroom

836 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, 90038
1974 1977

"Lil' Joe Chism, who was one of the original Soul Train dancers, began to incorporate the feel of the Campbellock within a dance the gay community was already doing that was called Posing. Posing was a dance made up of dramatic freezes that would accent the groove. Each freeze was finished with a dramatic pose emulating the old photos of Hollywood stars like Greta Garbo and other. This dance was done at one of the first gay discos in Los Angeles called Paradise Ballroom...This blending of dance styles was the beginning of what would become known as Punking." (Guzman-Sanchez, pp. 95)

Brass Rail was the "back room" with a pool table, bar, and a small gift counter with jewelry and miscellaneous personal items.