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Park Theatre

710 S Alvarado St, Los Angeles, CA 90057
1966 1986
1970 Back

Originally the Alvarado Theatre (built 1914), it was renamed the Park Theatre on April 6, 1966. The theatre switched to porn, and then gay porn. In the 1970’s, the Park Theatre returned to mainstream films. The Park Theater was one of the first venues to program gay film. The theater was owned by Shan Sayles and Monroe Beehler.

The two owners discovered Pat Rocco while looking for filmmakers to provide content for their series at the Park, and asked to see his work. According to Anthony Slide’s 2000 book “Nitrate Won’t Wait: A History of Film Preservation in the United States”, “The Original Pat Rocco Male Film Festival” at the Park Theatre in July 1968 was the first program of all-gay films to play in America.