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Hollywood Rendezvous

1841 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
1933 1945

In Los Angeles the "Pansy Craze" fad was sufficiently established so that the drag entertainer Ray Bourbon (Rae Bourbon) could open his own nightclub, the Hollywood Rendezvous. He was described as the "Master of the Murky Mouthful, exponent of darting dirtiness...who sings songs that would make Will Hays screech, "I hate you!"

In 1940, female impersonator Julian Eltinge was booked for a return engagement at the Rendezvous, but was required to apply for a permit to impersonate a woman. The vice squad testified that “many people of questionable character frequent the place,” and permit was denied. Eventually Eltinge was able to perform, but was not permitted to wear dresses.