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Rose Tattoo

665 N Robertson Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
1988 1993

The building which housed legendary gay nightclub Studio One took a turn back to its classic nightclub roots when it was bought by lesbian entertainer Linda Gerard in 1988. She rechristened it The Rose Tattoo, presumably after the Tennessee Williams play of the same name. The Rose Tattoo was a celebrity-filled cabaret, restaurant and piano bar where, as emcee, Gerard would open the evening’s entertainment with a song. In a room swathed with green carpet, mirrored walls and pink tinted art-deco bas-relief, jazz singers and a menagerie of performers crooned away on its many stages.

In 1993, citing exhaustion, Gerard closed The Rose Tattoo and sought out a less stressful entertainment career in Palm Springs, where she still entertains today.