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Basgo’s Disco

3909 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026
1984 1993

Latinx dance club, known previously as The Black Cat Tavern, Tobasco, Bushwacker, and later known as Le Barcito. The bar scene from 1992 film Sister Act was filmed here.

Club Fuck! (also known as Club FUCK!) was a nightclub that officially began the summer of 1989 and was hosted by Miguel Beristain, Cliff Diller, and James Stone.

The weekly party was located at Basgo’s Disco in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles. The event lasted till 1993, when it was raided by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Vice Division. Fuck! constituted a gritty liminal space oppositional to both the neighborhood’s largely men-only leather bars as well as the clean-cut bars of West Hollywood. At Fuck! the modified, pierced, and tattooed body was front and center. Scarring, mummification, and piercing were staples at Fuck!, confronting fears of contagion while revealing the temporality of the body during the height of the AIDS crisis. Performances at Fuck! were both transgressive and theatrical, pushing the limits of what the performer’s body (and audience) could endure with a spirit of play.

Notable performers at Fuck! included Bob FlanaganSheree RoseBuck AngelRon AtheyVaginal DavisJenny ShimizuDurk DehnerCatherine OpieMichele Mills.

In an April 1991 article in the LA Weekly, Fuck! was described as not simply “an existential exercise in bad attitudes,” but rather “a celebration of the primal life force amped up to overload,” with an “S&M/sexual subtext” that makes it “sociologically fascinating.”

Club Fuck was the subject of the exhibition entitled "FUCK! Loss, desire and pleasure" curated by Lucia Fabio and Toro Castaño at USC’s ONE Archives.